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Tips for Live Chat to boost your e-Commerce sales

An average of more than 60% of the visits in any online store leaves the shopping cart, and many of these people do so because they do not have the necessary assistance at the precise moment.

Studies show that e-Commerce visitors have stated that they would like to have a person helping them in their buying cycle. Although, evidently, the world has changed with technology as well as the purchasing habits of millions of people, the truth is that you have to go back to the origins to be successful on the Internet.

Imagine that you are in a mall and you see in a showcase a winter sweater that you think you can give to your mother for Christmas, but from where you are you cannot assure that there is a size in the store.

Take a few minutes thinking about whether to buy this sweater will be the best decision, because she had told you that he needed more variety to his wardrobe of the season.

Between thoughts, a shop assistant approaches you and asks you how he can help you. You indicate that you want a sweater like that and the person not only lists the sizes you have, but also the colors and designs available.

Also, it tells you that that garment has a special discount. Thanks to your help, you have found the perfect gift and at the point of sale you are grateful to have made the right decision.

When entering an e-Commerce, a visit cannot have a staff of the store on the side indicating everything and answering your questions, but you can have a live chat.

The impact of live chat on people has been quite positive because, according to studies, many of those who have had this experience claim to have felt more confident in e-Commerce and that they were facilitated the purchase process.

Remember that there are still many people who refuse to make purchases online, but knowing that they have someone on the site, live, to help them, gives this site more credibility and think they will make good decisions.

Many visitors who have used live chat ensure that this facilitated the purchase process and that they would use it again. Also, they emphasize that the main reasons to use it are:

  • They do not wish to communicate by phone or when doing so they were presented with the possibility of using a live chat.
  • They can get discounts or prizes for using them.
  • They had some doubt about shipping times and costs (or any other concerns about the purchase).
  • They saw a proactive invitation on the website that asked them to communicate with someone through live chat.

Take into account that the user experience is fundamental in any digital store, and customer service is part of that. A live chat can decrease your cart abandonment rate.

Tips for you to use them wisely and incorporate them into your Digital Marketing strategy:

1. Use previously written answers to increase the response speed

Customers who use live chat expect quick responses.

Your agents can use previously written answers to address common questions, such as instructions on password resets and details about the latest promotion.

Saves fragments of what is written, so that the agent can reduce the time it takes to say hello to the client or answer the most frequent questions.

The fragments can not only save you time, but also ensure that the answers are consistent and accurate throughout your contact center.

2. Define a consistent and professional tone of voice

Talking to customers in a live chat is not the same as talking to them in person or over the phone.

The purpose of a live chat, beyond customer service, is to be less formal and more talkative. The relaxed and conversational tone can help clients feel comfortable and helps them understand that they are talking to a person and not a machine.

However, the proper use of spelling and grammar is still relevant. Prevent your agents from using abbreviated words or “text messages”.

Although you are avoiding formal speeches, you must remain professional or your clients may not take you seriously.

3. Be Mobile-friendly

A growing number of consumers are using their mobile phone or tablet to buy and may need your help, just like the buyers of desktop computers.

Enable on your website live chat optimized for mobile devices, in order to help buyers to finalize their transactions wherever they are.

Also, place your chat live on all pages, do not limit yourself to just one.

It may be tempting to only display chat on certain pages, but you never know when your customers may need your help.

It offers the possibility of making a purchase on each page.

4. Use the video chat

Using live video chat, if you do it correctly, can give you a competitive advantage.

Video chats look and feel modern, which can help to affirm the credibility of your business.

Make sure that the person at the other end of the screen looks and sounds professional and has sufficient knowledge to answer customer questions.

A significant disadvantage of video chats is the difference in the Internet speeds of the clients. There is always the possibility that your video will be cut, which could disturb them.

Therefore, be sure to provide a backup plan in case this happens, such as communicating through a regular text chat, or sending an apology email with a way to re-establish the conversation.

5. Keep past chats as a reference for future

Many consumers prefer to use the messaging channel as their main means of communication, and they will resort repeatedly to your web chat function.

The above conversations will contain a lot of knowledge for both you and your clients.

Use a messaging tool that allows you to show past conversations, so that both agents and clients can see historical conversations from the start.

6. Be human

As in Social Media, most people expect to get involved with a real person in the live chat of your eCommerce.

To a certain extent, chat allows your agents to humanize your business by talking to customers the way they would talk to their family and friends, through emojis, gifts and abbreviations, but always with respect.

Determine what kind of language is right for your brand.

In conclusion, live chats are an opportunity for online purchases to become as human as possible, giving your client the opportunity to resolve their doubts with a person of flesh and blood in real time.

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