How to Increase Instagram Followers

How to Increase Instagram Followers organically for your business

Modern society as well as contemporary people can spend a day without going from home, but they cannot live a single day comfortably without social networks. Social networking sites play a vital role in modern life. Instagram is one of the famous and most used social media marketing panel platforms that allows you to share your photos and videos. The company is owned by Facebook.

If you have a eCommerce business and do not have a Instagram account, it’s high time you should do your branding through Instagram. In fact, it is quite impossible to become successful without a social presence. So, let’s start.

Some of the rule of thumbs for growing your audience and followers:

  • Complete your bio and write an excellent and attractive bio of you or your company.
  • Connect your Facebook friends and follow them and others whom you know.
  • Like and comment others post. It will help you to get a link and comment for your post.
  • Be precise and post engaging and interesting content.
  • Insert well-organized, easy and attractive text to your description that can tell a story and grab the audience and convert them to become your buyers.
  • Use the right hashtags and be creative while using hashtags.
  • Use several hashtags and also try to use the common hashtags of your brands so that you can participate in the conversation.
  • Share your hashtags in other social platforms such as Facebook.

How to get more likes and comments on Instagram

The first things you should do is to make your profile public. You should also turn on the push notifications so that you can reply quickly. Try to make an editorial calendar to track the timing of your posting. It is not recommended to post more than once in a day.

Additionally, you can also host an Instagram contest. It will increase comments, and you can also make it a campaign for a week. Finally, use the right and popular hashtags and post funny and excellent images.

Instagram marketing

Identify your audience: One of the first things you need to consider while doing Instagram marketing is to understand your target audience. Also, try to identify whether these audiences are potential buyers or not. As mentioned earlier, Instagram is owned by Facebook, Facebook also created another tool named Facebook Insights that helps you to analyze your audience, shows the number of views, the number of people who saved your video, demographic information of your audience, the daily presence of your followers and more.

Use the appropriate hashtag: Hashtags are used to categorize your content. Therefore, using the right hashtag will allow your content to the target audience.

Timing: Time is an essential factor for both increasing your followers and for marketing. A recent study shows that the best time for posting is between 7-9 pm! – so you know the secret time for posting your content.

Use excellent images: As it is an image and video sharing platform, you should choose the photos and videos consciously so that it can convert people to become your client.

In short, there are various ways of Instagram marketing. For example, you can create a poll whether your audience like it or love it and say “like if you like it”, “comment if you love it”. It will help you to increase the Facebook Reaction Likes.

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