DesignEvo – Make Your Brand Logo Cool Easily Without the Need for Design Skills

Want to have a logo for your brand or company but can’t design? Don’t worry because you can use DesignEvo to create your brand logo without having to have design skills. Interestingly, you can use it for free, you know.

The faster development of technology and social media makes more rapid growth in various sectors, one of which is in the industrial area.

This development is directly proportional to the appearance of various online shops on social media, along with the latest brands. If you want your brand or company to grow, you certainly have something unique, one of which is the logo.

A unique and easy-to-remember logo will make your brand or company more known and trusted by consumers. Creating a logo is indeed not easy and requires specialized expertise to pour the brand philosophy into a logo. Not to mention, design services are not services that can be valued cheaply.

One logo design can touch the price of 5 to 10 million rupiahs. In fact, Malang United was once made fun of by netizens for holding a logo contest with a grand prize of only 1 million rupiahs. So, it is natural for logo designers to set high prices for their logo creations.

But now you don’t need to worry about not being able to produce a good logo even though you don’t have the ability to design that well. This is because DesignEvo can realize your desires easily, quickly and for free.

DesignEvo is a website devoted to you who want to make a free brand or company logo online. You can easily design your logo with guaranteed fresh results.

DesignEvo provides more than 10000 templates that you are ready to use for your new company or brand logo. You can use these templates to create all your logo needs in minutes.

How to make a logo with DesignEvo is also very easy. Click the Make a Free Logo button, and you will be taken to the application page to create a logo. Select one of the templates provided by DesignEvo. You can choose by utilizing a search by category located on the left side of the screen.

How to make a logo with DesignEvo

Several DesignEvo templates

After selecting a template, you are asked to enter a brand or company name along with the tagline that will be used.

Enter Your Logo Name and Slogan

Enter Your Logo Name and Slogan

Then you can choose the font for the text, add icons, shapes and also add the background. Oh yes, all the menus are very user-friendly, so it seems you will have no trouble completing making this logo because everything is customizable. A guaranteed unique logo that you make!

DesignEvo account to use the features

When designing, there are also undo, redo, preview, save and download menus to ensure that your logo can be finished with maximum results.

You must have a DesignEvo account to use the features above. DesignEvo itself can be enjoyed free of charge by giving credit and a maximum download limit of 500px size.

If you want to get more full features, you can choose the Basic package for $ 29.99 or the Plus package for $ 49.99. This price is a promo price, and you only need to pay once to get attractive features from DesignEvo, including downloading logos in vector and HD images up to 5000px and also getting a copyright on the logos you make. You can see a more complete package price list from DesignEvo here.

start using DesignEvo to create cool

So what are you waiting for, while it can be free and the packages are quite affordable, you can start using DesignEvo to create cool and definitely unique logos. May be useful!

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