DesignCap Review

DesignCap Review: An Online User-friendly Graphic Tool

Are you looking for an online platform to help you create infographics, professional marketing material and more?

Creating engaging visual content for our social media audiences is vitally important today to position a brand and let’s be honest … Not everyone is given this design! Right?

Thanks to technology, we can already access many platforms that help us, whereas experts in specific designing, so we can create great visual content.

One of these tools is DesignCap, specially developed for non-designer to make creative works effortless. As you know, infographics are an extraordinary visual medium to offer attractive and summarized visual content, such as processes, comparisons, statistics, tutorials, etc.

With this platform, you can make these materials in a very creative and simple way. It includes countless templates, icons, graphics, illustrations and photographs. You can filter these resources according to the business sector of which you need to work content.

This article will introduce you to this program. What features you can get from this tool.

What is DesignCap?

What is DesignCap

A platform to design content very quickly, without needing to be a designer. It has templates that help you create infographics,  marketing promotion material or images for social media, among many others.

Your templates are customizable, which will help you create visual content with few clicks, also need some creativity to get better.

It has different plans, one free, of course, and if you are looking to access more features, it offers you two more plans that go from $4.99 to $ 5.99 per month in an annual payment.

What features you can get from DesignCap?

What features you can get from DesignCap

You can create great graphics to present your project, for posing on your social media handles, directly download to your PC, save them on DesignCap cloud storage, also you could share these project with your member to edit,  choosing between different types of graphs: line, circles, bars, columns, scattering, bubbles, etc.)

You can create content with customizable infographic templates and themes. The platform offers you many options by sector, which makes it easy for you to find the design closest to what you need.

You can also make your own infographics from scratch of any size you need. There are quite enough useful editors to use, such as,  colors, fonts, icons, graphics, illustrations and photographs.

Besides, it offers you many templates of the most common marketing designs: Instagram, Facebook, Posters, Flyers, Menu, Banners and more.

Though DesignCap has provided numerous such resources to use, still you can upload your own images from the computer.

One of the fantasy features is that it allows you to share the graphic with who you’d like to invite to edit it. It would be of benefit to the team collaborating if need.

DesignCap is quite useful as well

Also, one point that should not be ignored is that the pre-built models for you to organize your text. The Text in DesignCap is quite useful as well.

You can download your designs very easily in the main formats (PNG, PDF) to share on social media or for printing.

Straightforward the design process. The platform is very friendly and practically everything goes clicking, dropping, choosing and assembling.

Final thought

Final thought

DesignCap is very user-friendly and robust. Everything is oriented to these visual contents, and that makes it much more powerful for people who seek to generate more professional content, not only for social media but for infographics, ebooks covers, etc.

Invite you to try this tool, and you will surely like it maybe. Leave your comment and discuss if you know other platforms or if you liked this one.

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