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Cloud Storage: is it the right time for your Small Business to get on the Cloud?

Storing data off-site for information and records management has its pros and cons. Keep reading to know about how you can use cloud storage to manage your company data.

Every business out there depends largely on information and data. The ability to organise, access and share these data affects your business productivity. So, if you’re still storing company data onsite, it may be time to review your company’s data storage practice and consider cloud storage.

Data Loss can put your Company at risk

The real value of your business is the data it has. Losing your clients’ data can have a dangerous impact on the integrity of your business. A company’s survival is built around data protection. Cloud storage provides cyber-protection countermeasures. Cloud storage can save your company from total collapse, even if assets like hardware are stolen.

So, What are the top advantages of using Cloud Storage?

Take a look at the benefits of considering virtual storage for your company.

  • Improved data security

Cloud companies put more resources and incentives into building a solid security system that protects and makes data accessible. This added security, redundancy, and disaster recovery features of cloud storage make it an excellent option for data storage. Two-factor authentication (2FA) also steps up the security level.

  • Increased efficiency

Cloud providers buy and maintain the necessary real estate, software and hardware. Thus, when you use cloud services, you only pay the operating cost and have no dealing with capital asset depreciation.

  • Easier access

Greater accessibility is what cloud storage provides. Your employees can access data from anywhere and at anytime. This enhances business networking and productivity.

Cons of Cloud Storage

Maximum accessibility of ‘data on the cloud’ also poses a risk of vulnerability. With unsecured networks, private data can be accessed from unknown devices. It’s crucial you have a secure network. You can get IT support services UK to tighten your network security because it’s much easier for hackers to crack a local server than a sophisticated cloud storage company.

Choosing the ideal Cloud Storage System

Cloud offers a plethora of great and amazing benefits but not all cloud storage systems are the same.

When deciding which cloud system is ideal for your company, consider these:

  • How secure is your data?

A good cloud storage provider will encrypt your information during transmission to and from the cloud. Check that the provider offers a ‘lockbox’ service, which means they don’t have access to your data.

Also, confirm if you can provide your encryption key.

  • Is it a paid service?

Confidential information shouldn’t be stored on a free cloud storage platform. You should choose a provider that gives access control, preferably with 2FA, data backup and recovery plus remote services.

  • How accessible is it?

How will access to the information be and who gets it should be considered.

  • What type of data do I want to store?

Decide if you want storage only, selective storage, or limited access to specific users type of data.

  • Does the system comply with the requirements of your industry?

Your cloud storage company should tie in with your industry’s regulatory guidelines. Check if access and storage methods are HIPAA compliant.

  • What are the cloud provider’s data centres?

Ensure that these centres are good for your business needs because the location impacts performance and the legality of data storage and transfer.

  • What’s the cloud storage provider’s recovery plan?

Your cloud service should have a recovery strategy in case of sudden data loss. This is reflected in their response in terms of backup and immediate access to data when one centre fails.

  • What’s its Bandwith?

Whether or not your cloud provider has a backup for your data, ensure you physically back it up to avoid the permanent loss or expensive data retrieval.

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