Best 7 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions

Best 7 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content for New Conversions

When it comes to content marketing, it is likely to say that getting clicks is not the only marketing goal that you have set to achieve. You want your users to take action instead of just landing, find an answer and move on. However, converting the reads is not as easy as it may seem.

An article doing well in attracting traffic may have a chance to fail in making any difference in marketing.

Simply put, you may see clicks but no conversions from the content. Sometimes it may have experienced a solid exposure but was forgotten after some months of being in the limelight. The question that appears is how you can improve conversions and put the old content to better use?

The answer to it is simple: re-optimizing old content! Re-optimizing old content has two major benefits:

The collected backlinks will be benefiting from your re-optimizing efforts—through improved ranking, for example; wiki writers can update and edit the information on the platform to make sure that it provides relevant and updated information to the readers.

Revisiting the information is benefiting as you get to remove the old data and refresh it by adding new information

You can use the following tools to revive the old content and increase conversions.

1. Finteza Monitor your interactions

The first step to improving your conversion rates is to understand your visitors. Your understanding of your potential customers determines your success at making new conversions. You must understand them to cater to their needs and serve them better.

Finteza is an advanced analytics tool that makes conversion monitoring and traffic evaluation easy. You simply need to use a URL that carries the name of your event to find it easily in the Finteza dashboard. Once you are done, the tools enable you to create funnels and save them from determining traffic flows and moving it where you want it.

2. Use textOptimizer Integration of call to actions

Your content must be able to provide answers to the user, compelling them to take action. It must be able to interest the readers while not interrupting their reading. Using TextOptimizer here can be of great help. You can use the tool to select “action words” to craft better content.

3. Use Serpstats to keep a lookout on your competitors

Having an insight into what your competitors are doing to be successful and how they are promoting their brand can be useful. You need to identify your competitors to stay one step ahead of them. Using Serpstats’ Top page result to type in relevant keywords and find the URLs of some top-ranking sites. Once you have found your competitors, figure out what they are doing to keep their viewers engaged.

4. Be creative with Vimeo to engage the users

Businesses are using various ways to engage their audience. You need to be creative to come up with a plan to engage your users with the content. Using Vimeo for promoting your products can be beneficial for it. You can create interactive widgets allowing visitors to calculate your success through the app.

5. Use botsociety to assist your users

Artificial intelligence is quickly changing the ways of business processes. Using Botsociety can help you to reach the users and assist them in finding the right solution to their problems. Tools like botsociety help in creating a chatbot with easy visual interface programming and provide smart answers to the user in need of assistance.

6. Use Speakpipe to engage with the customers

Speakpipe is a free tool that adds an alternative to audio massage option to the contact details to turn it into an in-content gaming method to interest the users.

7. Use SurveyAnyplace to now your audience

Did you know the survey has another interesting purpose except for helping you to know your customers better? Surveys can be used as a lead generation tool as well. For example, if you create a survey that closely relates to the written article, it can generate leads. SurveyAnyplace tool consists of some lead generation templates which can inspire you to create a survey for lead generation.

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