8 Ways to Use Social Media for SEO

8 Ways to Use Social Media for SEO

A company can achieve a higher search engine ranking by using social media platforms effectively. People who are new to SEO think that the only way of achieving success in SEO goes only from the website. Well, that’s a misconception.

Although having a well-planned and responsive website is necessary for a good search engine ranking, still that’s not the only key to achieve success in SEO. The main purpose is to attract your target audience to your website; which can be accomplished via social media as well.

Even SEO consultants also make use of your social media accounts to boost the company’s SEO. You can find many such SEO consultants in London and other parts of England. But, if you aren’t in a mood to hire any SEO consultants as of now, then you can use your social media for SEO on your own.

Want to know how? Read on.

1. Either Post High-Quality Content or Post Very Frequently

We won’t say that post very high-quality content daily on social media. Yes, because we know this is not practically possible for most of the companies. So, if you are confused between quantity and quality, then you must know that both of these can give results.

Some companies post regularly, but the quality of their content is moderate. In this case, they get the much-needed engagement because their posts keep popping in the news feed of their audience every now and then. In this way, their audience can’t forget about them.

On the contrary, some companies post a few times in a month, but the quality of their posts are exceptional. They won’t appear on the news feed of their audience daily, but when they appear, they make sure to impress their audience. So, according to us, both the approaches are right. Just choose one and stick to it.

2. Share Everything

Have you published a new blog? Have you launched a new service? Have you started a new contest? Have you added new products? Share each update with your audience, no matter what it is. Of course, this goes under the quantity section. But, still, doing this will give you much more exposure if you are a small scale business or a new brand.

3. Engage with People

Engagement is a very crucial part of social media, so never miss out on it. Don’t only post content, but also reply to the comments of your audience regularly. Avoid posting generic replies like “thank you” or “glad you liked it”. Interact with people like you do in your personal life.

These unique replies and messages will make your brand stand out. Not only reply on comments, but also engage in messaging. Clear out the doubts of your audience and reply to the queries. Hire a separate person for this task.

4. Use Hashtags

While posting on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, you must add necessary hashtags. These hashtags help your posts in reaching to the right audience. You can also create unique hashtags with your company name; which you can add at the end of each post. Doing this will also assist in creating brand awareness among people.

5. Create Funny Posts

You can attract more people with the help of funny posts instead of boring ones. Nowadays, people like to read and share memes more than normal posts talking about a company or its products/services. You can create memes to promote the new blog posts of your website.

Memes can be created on any topic. All you need is someone who has that level of humour and some practice in this industry. Even your employees can also give many humorous ideas for making memes. So, make your audience laugh to get engagement.

6. Make Use of Trends

You can also connect your posts with trends. For example, when Game of Thrones season 8 released, many companies used it to promote their services and products. The news feed of social media was full of images of various products using GOT elements ranging from medicines, ice creams to other eatables.

People easily connect with trends; that’s why companies use these. So, you can also take help of trending shows, events, movies or other things to create interesting posts and promote your products, services and the whole websites through social media. Select trends with which a huge audience can connect.

7. Add Images, Videos and GIFs

If you think that people are going to stop scrolling their social media feeds for more than a minute to read your long texts, then you are mistaken. Yes, people generally don’t like to stop and read long chunks of texts on social media platforms.

People open these platforms to relax in between their busy schedules, so most of them won’t read longer texts. So, you get their attention for a very short time span in which you have to convey your message and leave your impression as well. This could be best done with the help of images, GIFs and videos.

The same people who won’t stop scrolling to read longer texts would stop to see even 2-3 minute video if it’s really interesting. But, try to keep your videos short just like your texts and make use of GIFs as much as possible.

8. Take Help of Influencers

If you are facing difficulty in increasing your brand awareness through social media, then you can also take the help of influencers. These people have a huge fan base, so their posts can reach to more audience than your own. Plus, someone else promoting a company’s products/services is more effective than self-promotion.

People listen to influencers and try to copy their lifestyle by purchasing things that they use. The best part is not every influencer ask for money. You can provide them with some free services or give them a few products in exchange for your brand promotion. These influencers can also promote your website.

Now, stop reading and start creating your posts!

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